r134a Refrigerant Coolant Dyes

Over the past few years, UV dyes to locate hard-to find R-134a leaks has become a critical tool for the mobile AC professional. This time-saving technology has developed rapidly with the creation of bright, long-lasting, stable and durable UV dyes; and the introduction of portable state-of-the-art UV lamps that can withstand the abuse in a service shop environment.

Nova Green 600 r134a UV dye contains a high technology dye formulation that meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of SAE standards for compatibility, stability and sensitivity. The dye has been approved and used by OEMs, dealer service networks and independent service shops for years.


J2297Stability and Compatibility Criteria of Fluorescent Refrigerant Leak Detection Dyes for Mobile R-134a and R-1234yf (HFO-1234yf) Air-Conditioning Systems
J2298Procedure for Use of Refrigerant Leak Detection Dyes for Service of Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems
J2299Performance Requirements for Fluorescent Refrigerant Leak Detection Dye Injection Equipment for Aftermarket Service of Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems

Leak Detection Products

• Available in bulk drums or prepacked 16oz aerosol refrigerant cans with r134a or HFO-1234yf gas.
• Superior brightness
• Meets or exceeds SAE J2297
– Long-term chemical stability
– Compatible with AC system materials
– Maintains brightness and detects leaks for years
• Easy to use
• Contains no solvents- cleans up with water
• Fast acting
– Quickly mixes with oil and is distributed throughout the AC system
• Works with all existing blue light lamps,UV/blue light lamps and UV lamps
• Minimizes mess and waste
• Cost effective – save valuable man-hours compared to searching for small hard-to-find leaks with expensive electronic leak detectors
• The dye is synthesized in a PAG oil base.
• No messy dye injection
• Saves time! Apply directly to a/c compressor oil or into refrigerant.
• Pinpoints small and large leaks alike – eliminate “callbacks”
• Increase customer confidence – you can show them the leak!


Novasolve Green 600 has been formulated to provide a sufficient amount of dye for most automotive and truck mobile AC systems when as little as 1 oz of dye. Most automotive systems use anywhere from 1 to 4 pounds of refrigerant for which 1 oz of dye is sufficient to pin point small leaks. For best results Nova recommends using 1oz of dye to 1 gallon of lubricating oil. As the refrigerant charge size varies, the amount of dye put into the system will vary in proportion to the compressor oil volume. The UV dye dissolves in the lubricant and refrigerant and is carried throughout the system. Many competitive dye are soluble in lubricant but not in refrigerant which reduces the effectiveness of the UV leak detection system. The dye in Novaflour Green 600 is designed to work well over a range of lubricant/dye concentrations and produces a bright yellow/green glow at the leak point under UV or blue light.

Novaflour Green 600 in the 16-ounce can is formulated to provide a sufficient amount of dye for a “typical” system when only one can is added to the system. In larger systems, or systems with dual evaporators, it may be necessary to add an additional can. Simply add the Novaflour Green 600 r134a to an AC system that does not contain any dye, start up the compressor and let the dye do the work for you. The dye mixes with the lubricant and is quickly distributed through the system. The time required to pinpoint the leak location will depend on the size of the leak as well as the system design.

After the UV dye has been added to the system and allowed to circulate, the fluorescence can be checked by removing a small amount of oil from one of the service ports.


Nova provides Green 600 in two forms. Novaflour Yellow 600 PAG is a liquid dye formulated in PAG oil. Green 600 PAG can be added to PAG compressor oil during service or new installs. Suggested dilution is 0.5% or 1:200. The ideal use for this a/c leak detection product is during install or service of an A/C system. The dye can be added to any internal component including the compressor, accumulator, evaporator or condensor.

Novaflour Green 600 r134a is packaged in a refrigerant can for addition directly to the vehicle’s AC system.The can can be used to inject the leak detection liquid into the low pressure port while the A/C is on. This is the ideal solution to troubleshoot systems that have lost refrigerant due to leaks.

ATTENTION: Do not connect the can to the high pressure (discharge) side of any system or any system with a higher pressure than 170 psig. This will cause cylinder or can to explode and result in serious injury. Before charging the system, protect any surface that might be exposed to overspray of the dye. If the dye accidentally sprays onto any surface, immediately clean up with an approved, commercially available UV dye cleaner.

It is preferable not to add Novaflour Green 600 to an AC system that already contains UV dye to avoid overdosing.
Determine that the AC system does not already contain a UV dye:
• Look for a label indicating that UV dye has already been added.
• If no label is present, you may want to check further for the presence of a dye. This can be done by simply removing the protective cap from the low pressure service fitting and slightly depressing the valve stem while shining the UV lamp at the fitting. If no dye is present, proceed with the charging procedure.

NOTE: Although it is not recommended to add UV dye to a system already containing the dye, Green 600 meets the SAE J2297 standard which requires testing the product at double the recommended dye concentration. Novaflour Green 600 has been tested a five times the concentration and provides ample cushion against dye overload compared to competitive UV leak detection products.