Dyes for Lubricants and Grease


Coloring of lubricant oils and greases requires high performance  dyes to match the exacting demands of the application. Dyes for lubricants must withstand high temperatures and in many cases last for the lifetime of the lubricant until the next change. Novalube dyes are selected to provide superior thermal stability and shear resistance. The dosing rate is 10-50ppm for lubricant oils and around 100ppm for greases and waxes. Therefore at these low dosing rates there is no impact on the lubricant performance.

Quality Dyes produced to demanding specifications.

Efficiency Low effective dosing rates (in ppm). Dye dosage has no effect on product characteristics
other than color.

Stability Novalube dyes are heat stable and especially recommended for long-life synthetic oils.

Novalube liquid dyes can be used for fluid identification, brand protection, and for leak detection. Functional dye additives such as fluorescent dyes can be blended to create custom color packages to provide a neon or fluorescent look to the lubricant.