NOVA – Experts in Liquid Colorants

Nova Specialty Chemicals LLC is a leading global supplier of a full range of liquid dyes for servicing multiple segments of the worldwide colorant market. Whether you are looking for a competitive supplier for any widely used dye, or looking for dyes tailored for your specific application, you can rely on Nova's 31 years of technical experience to serve all your needs.

We primarily manufacture concentrated liquid dyes in a variety of formulations optimized for each application including ASTM and SAE standards. For most applications a visible or water based dye will be suitable.

Nova also supplies standard color-index dyes or drop-in equivalents to many branded dyes, pigments and colorants. Contact us with your inquiry today.

Colorant Product Guide



liquid dyes for fuels, oils, lubricants

Novaqua Yellow 688


uv fluorescent dyes for leak detection



liquid and powder water soluble dyes

Nova-novacandle top right-72-705


colors and dyes for candles and soaps

Nova-Red Solo K-8 Fighter Jet Oct 2018-72-611


color aerobatic smoke oil

lubricant color splash


dyes for lubricant oils, greases and waxes

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