Novasolve dyes are highly concentrated fuel miscible liquid dyes used as a color additive in petroleum products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene and heating oil.

Solubility - Highly miscible in oils and quick to disperse. Minimal mixing is required.
Efficiency - Low effective dosing rates (in ppm)
Permanence - Once added, visible color cannot be removed. Dye stability ensures long life. Novasolve dyes are commonly used to mark fuels for taxation purposes, or to protect institutional supplies from fuel-theft.

We supply a wide range of hydrocarbon soluble dyes and markers for use in fuel systems. These additives impart distinctive colors to gasoline, middle distillates and other petroleum products, facilitating fuel identification for both fiscal and security purposes.

Our Dyes and Markers Can:

  • Help distinguish easily between grades of fuel
  • Allow easier corporate identification
  • Meet various national/regional specifications
  • Support in the prevention of fuel adulteration/theft
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of fuels

All our liquid dyes can be easily metered into pipelines and terminals for automated dosing of dyes. Typical dosing rate is around 10ppm for fuel identification purposes.