Novacandle Apple Green


Dyes for Candles and Soaps

The Novacandle line of dyes is completely odor-free. Dyes can be used at very high ratios in either scented or unscented candles with no appreciable odor. Candles burn cleanly with no smoke or smell. These high quality dyes dissolve completely and easily in wax and impart a high quality lustrous color to the candle.

Wide Compatibility
Novacandle dyes are suitable for all waxes used in crafting candles including paraffin, gel, soy, beeswax and palm oil based waxes. Novacandle dyes are also used in coloring aroma beads, perfume oil, lamp oil and many other craft applications.
Product Selection
Novacandle dyes are available in two liquid forms – NOVACANDLE PROFESSIONAL and NOVACANDLE LITE. The Professional series of dyes is our full strength highly concentrated dyes for the most demanding candle manufacturers. The Lite series of dyes offers the same vibrant color range as the PROFESSIONAL series but are five times less concentrated allowing them to be easily measured when working with smaller batches of wax.

Typical Properties
• Odor free
• 100% liquid
• Mixes quickly in warm wax. Minimal stirring required.
• Light-fast color – safe for outdoor display
• Colors can be mixed with each other to make new colors
• Shelf life of 2+ years

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