Solvents and Lubricants

Nova provides common solvents and oils in 55 gallon drums and 7 gallon steel pails.

AROMATIC 200 (CAS # 64742-94-5)

Aromatic 200 is characterized as a complex mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained from distillation of aromatic streams derived from crude oil. It is a liquid solvent used in industrial applications such as fuel additives, paints and coatings, pesticides and solvent applications.

XYLENE (CAS # 1330-20-7)

TOLUENE (CAS # 108-88-3)


Percholoroethylene or tetracholorethylene is an excellent solvent for organic materials. Otherwise it is volatile, highly stable, and nonflammable. Nova provides highly purified perchloroethyelene (99.9%) for catalyst refining and regeneration application in the petroleum industry.

  • Conforms to Universal Oil Products specifications
  • Contains no sulfide compounds, only traces of water and oxygen/ nitrogen
  • Doesn't contribute to ozone depletion
  • Is non-flammable
  • Offers long-term viability
  • Provides more chlorine by weight than alternatives
  • Is stabilized against oxidation
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