Leak Detection

leaking engine oil fluorescent

Leaks from equipment can not only lead to costly damage and repairs but can also lead to environmental pollution and unsafe human exposure. Today’s high performance engines require expensive, synthetic lubricants which can be expensive to replace due to an unresolved leak.

Nova offers two modes of detection: visible and UV enhanced. For the simplest application the addition of a visible dye such as Novasolve (for oil based fluids) or Novaqua (for polar and aqueous systems) will aid in the rapid identification and tracing of a leak. However, in situations where the fluid is already colored or is undesirable to add a colored dye Nova offers the Novaflour family of dyes. These dyes impart almost no color to the product yet fluoresce a bright neon color under UV light. The Novaflour UV system offers the most sensitive method for detecting leaks and is the choice of professionals. If you are already using a leak detection system from another manufacturer we can supply you with a compatible dye product.


Novasolve dyes are oil based liquid visible dyes for visual coloring of fluids in leak detection. These are suitable for engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil.

Novaflour dyes include oil soluble liquid dyes for fluorescent detection of leaks.

Novaqua dyes are water soluble for use in tracking leaks of aqueous liquids such as glycol coolant, alcohol and water.

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