Facilitating fuel identification

We supply a wide range of hydrocarbon soluble dyes and markers for use in fuel systems. These additives impart distinctive colors to gasoline, middle distillates and other petroleum products, facilitating fuel identification for both fiscal and security purposes.

Our Dyes and Markers Can:

  • Help distinguish easily between grades of fuel
  • Allow easier corporate identification
  • Meet various national/regional specifications
  • Support in the prevention of fuel adulteration/theft
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of fuels

Nova provides a broad selection of color shades to meet most needs. Customers can also request a custom shade.

All our liquid dyes can be easily metered into pipelines and terminals for automated dosing of dyes. Typical dosing rate is around 10ppm for fuel identification purposes.

Dosing Chart for 10ppm


2000 Gallons 2 oz ~ 1/8 PINT
4000 Gallons 5 oz ~ 1/4 PINT
8000 Gallons 10 oz ~ 1/2 PINT
12000 Gallons 15 oz ~ 1 PINT
20000 Gallons 1.6 LBS 1.5 PINT
40000 Gallons 3.2 LBS 3 PINTS
100000 Gallons 8.0 LBS 1 GAL
168000 Gallons 13.4 LBS 1.7 GAL
400000 Gallons 32 LBS 4 GAL
1000000 Gallons 80 LBS 10 GAL
2000000 Gallons 160 LBS 20 GAL
4000000 Gallons 320 LBS 40 GAL



100 Liter 1 ml
500 Liter 5 ml
1000 Liter 10 ml
2500 Liter 25 ml
10000 Liter 100 ml
100000 Liter 1 Liter
250000 Liter 2.5 Liters
1000000 Liter 10 Liters
2,500,000 Liter 25 Liters
10,000,000 Liter 100 Liters


Delivery Systems

Small quantities of dye can be added into the bulk fuel container such as a terminal storage stank or fuel tanker. The dye should be poured into the tank near the fuel inlet or into a fuel transfer hose such that once fuel flow beings the dye will be dispersed by the flow into the bulk of the tank. For larger bulk quantities we suggest using dosing systems.

Continuous Inline injector for dyes

For fuel terminal and refinery applications Nova provides the CJ150 continuous inline injector. This device is installed inline with a fuel transfer line. The fuel flow powers a dosing mechanism to inject dye at a precise rate.

    The CJ150 features

  • Self powered
  • Unattended operation
  • Constant dosing rate independent of line flow rate
  • 0 – 500 PPM dosing range
  • Expandable to four injectors per unit
  • Handles high viscosity additives
  • No additional pump required


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