Colored Smoke Oils

Nova provides colored smoke oils formulated specifically  for use in piston aircraft or in turobjets. The Novasmoke 784 series oils are designed for piston aircraft, and Novasolve 720 series are formulated for turbine aircraft.  Both smoke oils must be used with Nova's smoke oil kits. If  your aircraft is already fitted with a smoke system you can purchase the add-on kit to add color capability.  Check the application page for smoke oil kits and equipment.

Smoke Oil for Piston Aircraft
Smoke Oil for Jet Aircraft


Strength 98 – 102 %
Specific Gravity 0.89 – 0.97
Insolubles 0.5% max
Flashpoint >45 oC
Moisture < 0.5 %
Viscosity @ 40oC < 18 cps
Sulfur None
Metals None



  •  I already have a smoke oil system installed in my piston engine aircraft. Can I just use your oils without any modifications?
    • No, colored smoke requires specially mounted nozzles in piston aircraft.
  • Is the color available as a powder so i can mix it myself?
    • Unfortuantely not, as the color is synthesized as a liquid to begin with. Our colored smoke oils are ready to use with no dilution or mixing.
  • Can this be used on an aircraft with radial engine?
    • Probably unlikely, as each cylinder generally exhusts directly. The smoke oil system requires the exhaust to be collected into a common pipe where oil can be injected.
  • Is the color toxic?
    • The colored smoke is not toxic but is irritating to lungs, and eyes. It is recommended to generate smoke only above 500 feet above ground. Do not generate the smoke on the ground.
  • Does the color smoke stain aircraft?
    • After each flght there will be some color residue on the fuselage. It should be wiped off with diesel and a rag. We have not observed permanent staining on enamel and polyurethane finishes.
  • Can the color smoke oil be mixed with other smoke oils?
    • Yes, it can be mixed with all known smoke oils including Shell Aerosmoke, and Canopus 13.


Nova offers various packaging options for Novasolve products. All products are sold by weight.



STEEL PAIL 6.5 GAL (26L) 55 LB (25 KG)
STEEL DRUM 30 GAL (120L) 230 LB (105 KG)
STEEL DRUM 50 GAL (200L) 400 LB (182 KG)
STAINLESS STEEL TOTE Returnable totes in 200-350 gallon range are available. Alternatively we can also fill customer supplied totes.



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